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I’m Back! April 5, 2008

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Well, it is very obvious that I haven’t posted for a very long time! It has been a very adventurous time in the Moon household. Since we moved to Kansas City area, my baby, Isaiah, wakes up all through the night. It is actually sad for me because before we moved, he pretty much slept through the night and was on a great schedule where I could leave occasionally at nights for some alone time. He pretty much wakes up like 3-6 times a night and he is seven months old! Ahhhh! I know a big part of the reason is because he is in our room, but right now I have no other option.

Then soon after we moved, Noah & Isaiah got RSV. Isaiah had it pretty bad and was hospitalized. Then a couple weeks later my husband got really sick (I was sick also, just not as bad) for a week. He had to miss work several days. Then Isaiah got severe exzema which turned into Impetigo. I took him to the hospital for several treatments. Now I am sick again. As you can see, It has been an adventure. And all this happened in 2 1/2 months.

But, by God’s grace, I am back to blogging. I am so excited that spring is here…even though the weather here in KC hasn’t totally caught up. It will be nice to take the kids out walking or to the park. That sort of stuff really refreshes me.


* By the way, since I made myself accountable to everybody regarding my weight loss efforts, I purchased The Transfirmation kit from the www.thefirmdirect.com. I love it so far. It is a combination of weight training and cardio wrapped up in 4 dvd’s. It really works good. I am so sore. I am also counting calories. I am allowed to have 2000 a day. Not bad. I will post in more detail when I have time.


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