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Spring Cleaning April 9, 2008

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I am entering a season where I am wanting to do “spring cleaning” in almost every area in my life. It is really exciting for me, especially because I have made progress in some areas. A little while back, I announced that I was tired of not being healthy and that it was time for me to get in shape. Well, it took a couple weeks for me to get real intense passion to be heatlhy, but now I am hard core. I ordered the TransFIRMation kit from www.thefirmdirect.com and boy was that life changing! They specialize in doing cardio exercise with weight lifting so that you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time. I have never done any kind of exercise video that was so intense and rewarding. Even though I have only been doing the program for 6 days, I already have more energy, which motivates me to do more in other areas of my life. I highly recommend this kit if you can’t afford to have a gym membership or you have small children that prevent you from getting there.

I also have been eating 2000 calories a day which the TransFIRMation kit recommends for my height and weight. I have been doing good and sticking to my calorie goal. Right now I am trying to do my best to fill my diet with nutritionally dense food rather than empty calories and also eat mainly organic food.

I have decided not to weigh myself except occasionally. I know most diets suggest that you do this at least once a week, but I have found that it just discourages me. I have done this many times in the past, and I always get so caught up on the number on the scale. I realized that what is important to me is not the number on the scale, but how I feel and how I fit into clothes. For example, if you are building muscle through your exercise, the scale may not budge a whole lot (since muscle weighs more than fat) but yet you may see very visible results. At that point, the scale may be discouraging and make you more inclined to just throw in the towel since you feel that you are not losing significant weight.

But on to more spring cleaning…

This exciting new adventure in my health has inspired me to get more done (especially because I have more energy). These include:

1. Preschool activities with my 2 1/2 year old son. I want to start to have structured time with my oldest son where we do specific preschool activites (painting, coloring, crafts, etc). I want to have a schedule that we stick to most days so that we have a dependable routine. This also includes meal and snack times. I will post more about this in detail in the future along with a downloadable form to help you get started.

2. Complete my Home Management Binder. You can learn more about this on Candy’s blog. She has thorough directions on how to create one.

3. Take drastic steps to become a better steward of our money. I will be seeking out ways to make our money work harder and yet be able to do fun family activities and eat yummy food!

4. Get in the Word more. I plan to have time set aside every day where I do an in-depth Bible study so that my faith and ministry will be increased!


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