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Meet My Family March 9, 2008

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 Today I thought I’d show you some pictures of my family. When I read other people’s blogs, I like to put a face to the writing 🙂

First is my handsome hubby. We have been married a little over 4 years. Sometime, when I have more energy for storytelling, I will tell you how we came to be.

In this picture my husband is with my oldest Son, Noah, a little over a year ago.


Here is a picture from our wedding (We were married in December, so we had a Winter Wonderland Theme)


Here is a picture of our oldest Son Noah. He is 2 1/2 years old and truly a joy to be around. He has an awesome personality & sweet spirit.


Our youngest, who turns 6 months tomorrow is totally a mommy’s boy. He has the cutest laugh & already adores his brother! It is bittersweet to realize that his first year is almost gone. As moms we must cherish every moment.


 This is another pic of Isaiah


Here is a picture of both my boys together. Kodak moment 🙂


Well, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our little family!


A Lesson Learned From My Son March 8, 2008

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Honestly, sometimes it can just be so hard to put your trust in God. I mean, sincerely, you want to…you want to be free of your stress, worry, anxiety and heavy burdens, but you find yourself in the end putting all that weight on your own shoulders. And, boy, can it be overwhelming…almost sickening. No wonder, God never meant for us to take that load upon ourselves.

Today when my oldest son, Noah, who is 2 1/2 years old woke up, I was seriously TIRED. My youngest, Isaiah, who is six months old has been waking up at least 3 times a night. Combine that with a toddler who wakes up at like 6:30 am feeling rested from a FULL nights sleep, you got one tired (and sometimes cranky) mommy on your hands. Well, anyways, we go down stairs for our morning routine…breakfast, Dora The Explorer, etc., and I had a realization. I thought “Wow, Noah always assumes I am going to give him his breakfast. He doesn’t even worry what it will be.” Gosh, what trust. Later, when we were playing make believe Dora The Explorer & Diego (his favorite show right now) I had another realization. I thought, “Wow, Noah doesn’t even worry about his day. He doesn’t have any pressing plan. All he wants do do is play with me & hang out.” Gosh, how simple…and so incredibly beautiful. Even in the small things, like when Noah is on the 4th stair from the ground and gets a big grin on his face as I hold my hands out…he jumps…and I catch him.

I so want to have the childlike faith that God calls us to. I want to wake up and just know that he is there, and will always be there. I want to live my day knowing that he will provide and do all the things that he says he will. I want to spend my day in His presense spending time with Him…I want to jump and know that he will catch me.

Lord, give me the strength to trust you. Free me from the burdens that I have put on my shoulders. You are God and no situation, no nothing, is bigger than you. Jesus, I will choose to trust you.


My Love Of Thrift Stores March 7, 2008

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I am sure you guys know this, but thrift stores are the best place to buy kids clothes!!! I started shopping at thrift stores for both of my son’s clothes way before they were even born. The reason why it is so economical to go “thrift” with the kids clothes is because kids only wear their clothes for such a short time, then it either goes in storage or to your friendly neighborhood thrift store 😉

Some thrift stores are definetly better than others, and some tend to carry a wider selection of kids clothes. You may need to do some looking around at various thrift stores in your area to find out where the best stores are at for your specific needs.

Here are some tips:

1. Most thrift stores have sales on certain days. Many times they label each item of clothing with a colored tag, then on certain days in the week they will have a sale for specific colored tags. For example, “Friendly Thrift” is having a 50% off sale on all green tagged items. You pick up a green tagged shirt that is $3.00. At checkout, your shirt will be $1.50! Whohoo! Try your best to go on sale days to get the best deal!

2. Thoroughly check your items. Look carefully at the clothing and check for any noticable stains, tears & holes. Even though this can be more time consuming, it will ensure that you purchase good quality clothing with your hard earned money.

3. Remember that the clothes have most likely been worn and washed before. Therefore, you may possibly have to make size adjustments. For example, if you are shopping for your 6 month old, depending on the kind of fabric, you may want to go up a size…especially if the item is cotton. However, some fabric blends stay true to the size no matter how many times you wash it.

4. Shop in advance. When I used to live in California, I found the best thrift store in the world for childrens clothing. One time in particular, I found a whole bunch of adorable 18 month clothing that was dirt cheap. I felt like it would be forever before my then 6 month old son would be able to wear it, so I debated whether I should buy the clothes. Well, I decided to buy the items in the end and boy was I glad I did! Those months flew by so fast he was in them before I knew it.  * I do suggest that you have a strict budget before you go into the store, especially if you plan to shop ahead. Even though the clothes are cheap, it can quickly add up if you are not paying attention!

5. After your finish with the clothes, neatly pack them away for your next little one, donate them to charity, or if you need some extra cash, post the used clothes on craigslist (www.craigslist.com). I have actually made all my money back on items by posting them on craigslist. Now that’s a way to be super frugal!

By the way, if you think that by shopping at a thrift store your child will be dressed in dingy looking clothes, I actually believe the opposite is quite true. Most of the time, I found good quality, name brand clothing for my boys. And, most of the time they looked brand new! Tommorrow I will try and post some pics of my children wearing cute thrift store finds. Many times people complemented my on my children’s clothes and I had only spent like $2.00 on the whole outfit!


Kitchen Tip Tuesdays March 4, 2008

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One of my most favorite blogs that I read is Tammys Recipes. I have been reading her blog for about 6 months and have used many of her practical and yummy recipes. Also, I appreciate her humility which is very evident once you begin reading her posts. So, I decided that I would participate in Kitchen Tip Tuesdays. Thanks Tammy for inspiring me to cook! I have really come a long way since I started reading your blog 🙂

So here is my tip:

One day I was baking and I was looking for one of those bag clips (that cost like 3 bucks for a set of 2!) and I just could not find one. I really needed to seal my bag of whatever it was, so I was looking through my kitchen drawers for something to use. Then I opened a drawer and saw some clothespins that I had not used yet. Perfect! Now I will never go back ! What a cheap way to seal chip bags, bread bags, sugar bags…you get my point. I am sure most of us have some of these laying around somewhere.



The Story Of Stuff March 3, 2008

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The Story Of Stuff

You know when you have one of those moments when you read or hear about something that just totally changes the way you will live and think? Well, I just recently had one of those moments when I watched a video called “The Story Of Stuff”.

This well produced video exposes the truths about our consumerist society and the devestation that it is wreaking on our planet. To be honest, up until a little while ago, this stuff was the last thing on my mind. I guess I didn’t see how it really affected my little world so I just didn’t pay much attention. But lately God has been teaching me so much about stewardship in so many areas. I believe this video really speaks to our responsibility to be good stewards of this amazing planet that the Lord entrusted to us. (Note: I do not necessarily agree with everything that is stated on the video. Annie tends to put down the government, however, I do see the point she is making.)

In Genesis 1:26 the Lord says, “…Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all creatures that move along the ground.” God’s original mandate to us was to take care of the planet that He so generously entrusted to us & that we would be fruitful and fill it. For some reason, I just never made the connection between this verse and how I should live my life today. But the truth is, God gave us a specific responsibility that we should not take lightly.

You can search their website (www.thestoryofstuff.com) and discover ways that you can take care of this earth…our home…which God entrusted to us.

Some of the practical things which I hope to do is:

1. Recycle

2. Switch to cloth diapers. (I can seriously fill up a whole trash can in like a week with both boys. Plus I heard that it takes like 10 or more years for a diaper to decompose. I hope to post more about this in a future post. Also it will save so much money for us which we could use to pay down our auto loan or be a blessing. Also, these days, it is SO MUCH EASIER to cloth diaper…and they are kinda cute!)

3. Live simply.  Wanting more stuff can really just takeover your life. When you want more, it generally means you are unhappy with what you already have been blessed with. I really want to evaluate my need vs. wants list and be a better steward in that area. Now please don’t misunderstand me, I am not implying we live a legalistic lifestyle where we we only buy things we simply need, but rather that we look at “living simply” as a life principle.

4. Try to walk more. This is not only good for our earth, but obviously for our health. Plus, if you have small children, sometimes it is the only thing that will burn off their intense energy!

5. Buy cloth grocery bags. They are super cheap these days!

6. Spread the word! I hope to make a impact through this blog by sharing all the things God has been teaching me.